What to expect

You will be taught how to perform a modern valuation, including market research, SWOT analysis, Excel modelling, and structuring reports. Once you've learned these essential skills, you'll join the investment team in pitching stocks, evaluating proposals, and participating in key operational decisions regarding the future of the club.

If your application is successful, you will be expected to invest a personal stake in the club in exchange for fully redeemable shares. The purpose of this is to ensure the alignment of your incentives with the mission of our club.

Our recruitment process

Our recruitment process will assess values, abilities and skills. To do this, we have designed a 3-stage system. We are looking for 4 analysts to join our team.


Step 1: You will be asked to complete this online form, where you will answer some questions about yourself. You will also be able to provide us with a copy of your CV, which should detail any prior knowledge of, or experience with valuation and investment. These will be reviewed on a rolling basis.


Step 2: Applicants who make it to the following round will then have a chat with some of our partners. Here, we will get to know you better and see whether you will be a good fit for our team.


Step 3: The final candidates will be given one week to perform an investment analysis of a company and present to 3TwentyOne's executive committee, followed by a 15 minute Q&A session. This will be our chance to see how you work under pressure, and will give us an insight into how you would perform in a real-life scenario.


Any further questions? Contact us at enquiries@3twentyone.co.uk