Our mission is to become the premier student-led university investment club in the United Kingdom. We aim to achieve this by bringing together a group of talented and passionate young investors with similar aspirations. At 3TwentyOne, we provide students with a platform to learn and apply investment-related skills. They will perform company valuations, present stock pitches to the team, and get first-hand experience managing a real-money stock portfolio with a personal stake.

This project is something bigger than ourselves. We hope to build a foundation for future LSE students who have similar aspirations by creating a space where students can apply theory to reality.




Create a dynamic community of enthusiastic young investors



Educate students on how to value businesses, understand and take risks and explore different valuation models as a team.



Provide students with a platform to test their investment theses and observe the outcomes of their ideas.



Perpetuate this project and develop into the premier student-led university investment club in the United Kingdom.


“It's far better to buy a wonderful company at a fair price than a fair company at a wonderful price.”

Warren buffett  |  ceo, berkshire hathaway


Investment Philosophy

The best way to uncover and evaluate companies is through intensive, fundamental, proprietary investment research.

Our research process begins independently. Analysts have the freedom to find stocks they believe that will achieve superior returns, regardless of industry or market capitalisation. They then conduct analysis using a bottom-up approach, considering quantitative, qualitative and ESG factors.

We prize meritocracy and encourage open dialogue within the team. The analysis that each member brings to the table will be discussed thoroughly and scrutinised by the entire investment team, which will then settle on a group decision. Research of companies we choose to add to our portfolio will be published on this website.

We aim to have 5-10 positions in our portfolio, focusing initially on long-only equity. We also plan to have at least one position per company type, including growth and mature companies, and value plays. Finally, diversification across geographic regions will also form part of our strategy, and hence will be looking at North America, EMEA, and Emerging Markets.